Niche Related Guest Blog Posting Service (Real Blogs – No Network)

$25.00 $12.00

Details Required: *

One Niche Related Guest Post = $12 USD

All Niche Accepted Except Adult, Porn, Gambling, Casino & any other illegal acctivity.

One link per guest post allowed but some blog owners may allow two links per guest post, you can provide two keywords, separated by comma.

One URL allowed per ORDER.


Unbelievable Guest Blog Posting Service, All Niche Accepted Except Adult, Porn, Gambling & any illegal Activity

How Do We Process Our Guest Blog Posting Service?

Simple 4 Steps Process:

1-      Niche Market Research – We do research for blogger in your niche and communicate with them to add new blog post in their blog with a link back to your url.

2-      Article Writing: We do write an article of about 300 to 500 words, all articles are hand written and copyscape passed.

3-      Publishing: We do send article having link back to your site to blog owner to publish that in their blog.

4-      Reporting: Once blog owner notify us about new published blog post, we do send you blog post url to you, and confirming order is completed.

Silent Features:

1-      We do not own any blog, no crap of network.

2-      All blogs are real, and managed by experienced bloggers.

3-      High quality level of niche market research.

4-      We do only select high quality blogs.

5-      No carp of exchange tool we use.

6-      Permanent backlink until the blog is live.

7-      We do accept all niche except adult, porn, gambling and any illegal activity.

8-      Blog post article will be about 300 to 500 words with a relevant image.

9-      100% unique hand written copyscape passed article.

10-   We guarantee minimum 10 Domain Authority.

11-   We will try our best to provide you guest post backlinks in between PR1 – PR4 blogs

12-   Delivery Time: 10 to 15 Days even less.


1-      Which niche do you allow?

We do allow all niche except adult, porn, gambling and all illegal activates.  We do niche research through google search engine, and google give results for all niche. So we can provide you quality guest post in any niche you think.

2-      Where link will be posted?

Your link will be posted within body of the article.

3-      Can we provide content?

Yes, you can provide but we cannot guarantee that your content will be accepted by blogger, because some bloggers do not accept content, they write content themselves.

4-      What type of anchor text we can provide?

Your keywords should be normal upto 3 words, it should not be a sentence or phrase.

5-      How much relevant blog it will be?

This is main point to understand, to understand this point let me give you an example: If you keyword is “play football online” then we do our best to find blogs about football or if you could not find exact keyword matched blog then we will go for boarder niche like sports blogs.

Another example:  If you keyword is “clothing coupon codes” then we do our best to find blogs about clothing or if you could not find exact keyword matched blog then we will go for boarder niche like apparel and fashion blogs.

6-      What will be PR of the blog?

We will try our best to provide you guest post backlink in between PR1 – PR4.

7-      What about DA?

We do our best to find blogs which have 10 or more DA allowing guest posts.

8-      Will you also provide backlinks to published blog post url?

Yes, and this is optional for an extra $30 USD  we will also provide you 5 high quality niche related blog comment backlinks for 30 days, total 150+ backlinks and we will send you daily reports.  Other backlinks options are also available on order page. You can contact us for more details.

9-      Do you offer any free review?

No, we do not offer free review, but are offering review package at upto 50% discounted rate for a limited time.

10-   How many unique domain you can provide for bulk order?

We cannot answer this because it depends on our research in you niche, first you have to tell us your niche keyword then we may be able to tell you approx. number of unique domain.

11-   We have some specific custom requirements can you dealt with them?

Yes, sure contact us, we will try our best to fulfill your all requirements.

12-   Do you allow non English anchor text?

English blog owners do not allow non English anchor text, although for extra charges we can try to find blog in your language if you want, you need to contact us with all your details. We will then research and will contact you.

13-   Can you post blog post on Non-English blogs?

Yes but very limited and all published packages are for English blogs only. If you non English guest blog post then please contact us first.

14-   What will be length of article you will post?

The length of the article will around 300 to 500 words.

15-   How many links in one post?

Most of the blog owners allow 2 links in one post, but some of them also allowed only one link. We will try our best to provide you two links per blog post.

16-   Do you accept bulk order?

Yes, you contact for more inform.

17-   I want to see sample blogs urls in my niche, how this process will work?

Yes, on request we do provide sample blogs urls, contact us with your details, we will research blogs in your niche and then will send you urls of those blogs which allows guest posts, this process will take about 3 to 4 days may take more time depending on number of request we have.

18-   What is your refund policy?

We do not refund once we have started research on your order. Incase if are unable to deliver your product within 30 days we will refund full amount.

19-   How can I contact you?

You contact us by using contact us page here: